At Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Kirkland, WA we believe in the core values of evidence based and patient focused treatment. Clinical decision making and treatment plans are rooted in current research while incorporating each patient’s individual circumstances and goals.

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  • Highly Qualified TherapistHighly Qualified Therapist

    Every physical therapist at Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is licensed by the state of Washington. We have a combined total of over 45 years of rehabilitation experience servicing the Kirkland and surrounding communities.

  • State-of-the-Art FacilityState-of-the-Art Facility

    From dynamic gait scans, 3D printed orthotics, DXA body composition scans, to neurocognitive computer concussion testing, we are at the forefront of healthcare technology and PT innovation.


The only FDA approved process from dynamic gait analysis to custom 3D printed orthotics. Available for comfort, work boots, running, golf, cycling, field sports, and court sports.

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The most widely used computerized concussion evaluation tool in the world. Used by the NFL, NHL, MLB, WWE, and the US Special Forces.

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DXA body composition

The most accurate test for determining body composition, body fat, and lean muscle.

DXA, sometimes referred to as a DEXA Scan, is the newest and most accurate test for determining an individual’s body composition, body fat, lean muscle and even bone mineral content and density.

The DXA whole body composition scan test takes just six minutes and will provide a picture map of the body outlining skeletal bone mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat. The report not only gives you a picture map of your body composition, but it also provides you with body region specific values for bone mass, lean muscle, fat, total weight, and body fat percentage.

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20th August, 2017

Where Is Your Pain Coming From?

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10th August, 2017

How to Put the Spring Back in Your Step

  There’s no avoiding it; with age can come a whole host of new challenges, and with them seemingly...

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24th July, 2017

Arthritis Pain Sufferer? Find Out How to Stop the Pain & Get Relief

  Arthritis pain is a common and growing problem for many Americans today. According to recent statistics compiled by...

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