Athletic Taping

Athletic taping is used for athletes who participate in high-impact activities that require a rigid taping technique for increased support. When most people think of taping, they immediately think of Kinesio taping. However, Kinesio tape has an elastic quality, which makes the tape stretchy and therefore not as supportive as athletic tape.

At Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, our physical therapist uses a variety of athletic tape methods for the different needs of each athlete. If you are in need of effective support during your sport, contact Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Kirkland, WA today to find out how athletic taping can benefit you!

What does athletic taping do?

The second most common reason athletes will need athletic taping is due to chronic injuries. This may include overuse injuries that occur over time or persistent injuries that keep coming back. Athletic taping helps with the healing of overuse injuries so they do not worsen, and they also help prevent injuries from returning.

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At Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we are highly experienced in taping several different body parts that may be in need of support for a specific sport. If you think you could benefit from athletic taping, contact us in Kirkland, WA today! We’ll help you perform at your best abilities in your sport of choice.