3D Printed Orthotics


The future of Custom Orthotics is now!

  1. State of the art 3D printing technology in association with Materialise.
  2. Serves everyone’s unique dynamics; versatile for any type of activity: • Everyday Use • Sports Specific
  3. Exact duplicates made possible due to Cloud based storage data and specific patient identifier.
  4. Intrinsic functional design: 3D printing technology makes it possible to vary flexibility and stiffness throughout the orthotic.
  5. Streamlined ultra lightweight structure for strong, stable and thin foot orthotics. The streamlined nature of our orthotics allows accommodation in any style of shoe.
  6. Durable: 2 year warranty on the 3D printed base.
  7. Honeycomb pattern of base allows for minor modifications/adjustments if needed.

Evidence based analysis & design

  • Footscan® dynamic gait analysis: detailed scanning possibilities for all patient types.
  • High speed dynamic pressure measurement.
  • Scientifically proven patient specific risk analysis summary.
  • Extremely accurate orthotics through algorithm based design automation