Allegra Shank

Allegra Shank, PTA

Allegra earned her PTA-AAS degree from Lake Washington Institute of Technology in 2014 and has, since that time, been a proud staff member at WAPT. She discovered Physical Therapy initially as a patient at WAPT after a knee injury from soccer in 2000 and again in 2005 after a volleyball injury requiring shoulder surgery. She graduated from Redmond High School where she played Varsity volleyball for three years and enjoys getting to work in the same area where she grew up.

Allegra still likes to play volleyball in her free time and spent a handful of years belly dancing before returning to college to follow her passion of studying physical therapy. Her experience as an athlete in various sports all her life has helped her gain a profound understanding of body mechanics. She has also had her fair share of athletic and work related orthopedic injuries over the years which helps her empathize with her patients.

Allegra’s return to WAPT, as a licensed PTA, give testimony to her confidence and trust in the dedication, knowledge, and rehabilitation success that are in evidence with the equipment and staff at WAPT.

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