Why 3D Printed Kirkland, WA

Why 3D Printed?


Our revolutionary orthotics are the result of unique cutting edge technology. Using the patented dynamic footscan® technology and biomechanical measurements, your foot specialist analyses your gait.

Using this dynamic analysis, your expert generates a design which is then created by a 3D-printer. The result? A dynamic, 3D-printed orthotic which takes into account the shape of your foot, but also supports the different pressure zones and guides your gait in the right direction. This last feature is only possible with the patented Phits 3D-printed structures.

Phits are designed to work with your body, your activity, and your shoe to ensure that all 3 work together and maintain proper function and alignment.

3D printing allows for variable stiffness while providing superior stability and strength in a lightweight orthotic.

3D printing also allows for directional stiffness along the orthotic based on your dynamic gait scan. This allows the orthotic to directly correct for the forces produced by your foot as you walk or run.

Variable stiffness in 5 distinct zones of the orthotic and direction stiffness to allow the orthotic to flex and move in a specific direction are only available with 3D printing using the Phits system.





Our insoles are made from high grade ultralight polyamide, specially selected to provide your feet with the best comfort and most functional support.



Phits orthotics last up to 3 times longer than traditional insoles. They’re sure to last at least some pairs of shoes. These 3D-printed orthotics are also low-maintenance.



A production process can only be optimal if the impact on the environment is low. With traditional custom orthotics production, there’s up 80% waste of materials. For a pair of Phits on the other hand, material losses can be reduced up to 20% and thus reduce our ecological footprint whilst improving your everyday footprint.

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