Types Of Orthotics Kirkland, WA

Types of Orthotics

Phits orthotics are specifically made for your activity level and needs. Styles available include walking, running, field sports, narrow, wide, golf specific, and even cycling specific!

Every day use

  •  Improve your every day comfort. Phits™ are orthotics that correct gait patterns, cure foot pathologies and prevent you from lower limb, hip and lower back injuries.

Sports and performance

  •  Enhance your performance. Phits™ are custom orthotics to enable you to reach your full potential, as they make you move more efficiently. Serves professional as well as recreational sports people in multiple sports disciplines such as track and field, cycling, football, golf, indoor sports, tennis, badminton, downhill skiing, nordic skiing…

At work

  •  Increase your efficiency. Nurses, construction workers, waiters, teachers, parcel services… Millions of people are on their feet all day, risking injuries due to deformed gait patterns, causing a lot of pain and costing millions to employers and society. Phits™ can help you prevent or relieve these pains.


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