The Process Kirkland, WA

The Process

The Phits process

Scan (walking or jogging), analysis of scan data, design of orthotics specific to customer needs, order, 3D printing, enjoy!

No messy casts or cheap crush boxes.

We believe in educating the client about their feet and allowing you to participate in the orthotic design process. Customer questions and feedback are encouraged throughout the scan, evaluation, and ordering process. Injury history, pain locations, activity level, and type of shoes worn are all a part of the Phits process. We want our clients to understand their diagnosis and how the proposed orthotic solution will benefit them.

Human error is controlled, but human judgement and decision making is retained.

Because your scan is all digital and the printing is done via a 3D printer, we can replicate your orthotics EXACTLY the same if you ever want another pair. Want a narrower pair for dress shoes? Want a pair for your golf shoes? Decide you want a stiffer pair for your trail running shoes? No problem. We can replicate your exact orthotics or make any other changes you want over the phone and have a new pair made for you.

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