August 22nd, 2019

My son was in his second year at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis when he suffered a major shoulder injury while representing Navy in a downhill ski race. His shoulder was dislocated, several muscles torn, multiple labral tears, and he had axillary nerve damage. The injury required a very complicated surgery. He is also a competitive swimmer, so his doctor took us aside and told us he did not think our son would be able to swim again and would likely miss the next competition ski season. Our son was also at risk of not being physically fit to be commissioned as a naval officer. He started PT at the Naval Academy then came home for leave. This is where the excellent team at Washington Physical Therapy stepped in. They took the time to thoroughly evaluate our son’s injury, review the care plan he had been given, and progress that plan as well as adding in additional therapies that proved to be very beneficial. The WAPT team are experts in treatment and, just as importantly, make each patient feel like they are the most important person under their care. The end result is that our son had a complete recovery, is back swimming, back to competitive skiing, and is currently trying out to be a Navy SEAL. Our family owes the WAPT team a huge thank you. Thank you!