Janet M.

August 22nd, 2019

As a competitive athlete my whole life I have enjoyed competing as a national level gymnast, attended college on a tennis scholarship, and had the honor of winning multiple X-Games medals and World Championship medals as a Big Air snowboarder. In addition to professional snowboarding, I was a rock climber and tower and springboard diver. Competing at this level required hard training and injuries are a way of life. Throughout my entire professional snowboarding career, Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation was an integral part of my training and injury rehabilitation. Without their wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and support I would not have been able to compete at such a high level after my numerous injuries.

I am fortunate now that I am a mom of three kids and tennis coach, I can still move easily, coach, teach, and enjoy activities. This is only possible because the staff at WAPT guided me through the rehab process and encouraged me to achieve my goals.

From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, the upbeat, kind, encouraging, and enthusiastic staff always makes me smile and excited to do the tough work. Not to mention maintain the patience that is needed to help you recovery and be the best you can be. I have so much gratitude for the staff of WAPT because I still have the ability to move and enjoy and active and full life.