Recommended Supplies

  • REEHUT Yoga Strap (6ft, 8ft, 10ft)

    Lots of brand, colors, and varying prices on amazon. Best to purchase an 8 ft. strap with metal clips. Prices often change, and the price can vary based on color selected.


  • Yoga Strap with loops

    Lots of brand, colors, and varying prices on amazon. Prices often change and can vary by color.

  • Therabar

    Colors represent different resistance. Guide on page.

  • Stability/Exercise Ball

    55cm and 65cm are the two most common sizes. Not sure what size to order? Ask us and we can give you suggestions. Price will vary based on size and color selected.

  • Balance Disc

    Rubber balance discs.  Work great individually or can be bought as a pair.  Adjust with air to make more or less firm to change the difficulty.

  • ½ Foam Roll

    36” length

  • Slantboard

    Adjustable Incline. Pre-assembled

  • Leukotape and Cover-Roll Combo

    Leukotape P 1.5-Inch x 15-Yds & Cover-roll Stretch 2-Inch x 10-Yds Combo Pack. (One Roll Each) Ideal for strong and secure tape jobs – knees and feet usually.

  • Kinesio tape

    Good adhesion and easy to work with. Best for use when freedom of movement and less support needed.

  • Theraband Grip Strength Balls

    Colors represent different resistance. Guide on page.

  • Foam Roll

    36” Black is high density. Good quality foam roll at a great price.

  • Oval balance pad.

    This has a larger surface area and can be used for single or double leg exercises. It is slightly less durable, so we recommend that you not wear shoes when using this foam piece.

  • Oval balance foam

    Good density and durability. This is the most common one that we use in our clinic and is suitable for use with or without shoes on.

  • Oval balance pad

    This is a rubber balance pad filled with air. You can adjust the amount of air to make it more, or less difficult. Very durable and suitable for use with shoes with no concern. Our most challenging balance pad used in the clinic.

  • Balance Board

    Great for balance work.  Single or double leg exercises.  Can also be used for core exercises.

  • "The Arthritis Cure"

    If you are interested in learning about supplements and their impact on Arthritis this may be a good read for you.  Also covers diet and exercise.  Easy to understand language.

  • “The China Study”

    Great info about diet and how it affects our bodies and our health.  This is the revised edition that will really open your eyes about how what we eat influences our health.

  • “How Not To Die”

    If you are interested in natural alternatives to help with common health problems then you have to read this book.  Easy tips on how to improve your health by making simple changes to your diet.

  • “The Engine 2 Diet”

    For those of you who know us at WAPT, we have a long history of working with firefighters and first responders.  This is a great book about how firefighter helped his team lose weight, lower cholesterol, and improve their health.  Recipes are included in this book.

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