Phits testimonials

Phits Testimonials

Paula Radcliffe – Women’s Marathon World Record holder

Paula Radcliffe (GBR) runs all her miles on Phits™ insoles! She ran the London Marathon wearing our insoles in April 2015.

“Without the support of these orthotics, I would have been incapable to recover this quickly after my operations, this would have probably been the end of my career.”
– Paula Radcliffe

“After suffering a complex calcaneus fracture, classic orthotics weren’t enough supporting anymore and I started wearing the 3D printed custom Phits™ Insoles. A massive improvement! Fantastic product, also clearly suitable for medical applications!”
– Max, 62 year old, owner interior design company

“I wear my Phits™ 24/7, they provide me with extra support even when I’m cycling. My friends were shocked that I could go running with them again after years of pain and injuries.”
-Frank, 39 years old, IT-manager

The Canadian ATP tennis player Milos Raonic made his comeback on Phits™ insoles after foot surgery in 2015.
Another living legend performing on Phits™ orthotics is professional cyclist and former Olympic champion Samuel Sanchez (ESP).

“Thanks to the good analysis my orthotics fit perfectly right away. What a difference with the classic insoles I used to wear before. I wear them in all my shoes.”
-Sven, 29 years old, Application Engineer


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