Patient Testimonials

  • My sciatica was causing pain down my leg when biking or sitting.  The exercises Mike gave were very helpful.  It was good, even fun, to work with the exercises given to me. I will continue to maintain doing the exercises given to me since they were so helpful.

    Sharon F.

  • After a knee injury summer of 2018 I couldn’t walk up or down steps with out pain. I was really worried my ski season was over. After 6 weeks working with Mike at WAPT, I will be able to Nordic ski this winter.

    Kirk P.

  • I appreciate Mike and Allegra getting me to a point that I can walk, run, and play tag with my daughter without foot pain. Thanks for fixing me up. Glad I was referred to WAPT.

    Mike T.

  • I have come to WAPT to help my balance and increase strength in my legs. My balance has improved a great deal and the strength in my legs has increased. I was given exercises to do at home also which I will continue.

    Peter N.

  • Great service, great results! Six weeks of instruction, motivation, and encouragement and I have a “new” knee. Thanks.

    Carl M.

  • I have seen Mike to rehab my knee after an ACL surgery…Mike is direct and to the point.  He puts together a therapy plan that shows immediate results.  He makes it clear that I need to follow up with the exercises at home and, when I do, I feel great.

    Greg H.

  • I recently started PT at WAPT and Rehab with Mike and Allegra. My shoulder and knee are ready for skiing. I highly recommend this group, the whole staff is very professional. Their knowledge of anatomy/kinesiology and current PT techniques is impressive.

    Nancy K.

  • I have felt very well taken care of and everybody knew my name after the first appointment. Mike and Allegra have been knowledgeable, informative and encouraging. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Tamsyn C.

  • Allegra and Mike are so awesome. I’ve come back to them for multiple injuries and ailments. Every time my experience is top notch…I recommend Washington Physical Therapy and Rehab to all my friends and family.

    Marshal H.

  • WAPT’s physical therapists took me from a wheelchair all the way back to hiking after multiple very serious injuries. They had just the right mix of challenge and encouragement, blended with humor, to keep me motivated and working on my recovery.  I could commit myself to their care – and pushing – because I could tell they had committed themselves to getting me back on my feet

    B. H.

  • As a competitive athlete my whole life I have enjoyed competing as a national level gymnast, attended college on a tennis scholarship, and had the honor of winning multiple X-Games medals and World Championship medals as a Big Air snowboarder. In addition to professional snowboarding, I was a rock climber and tower and springboard diver. Competing at this level required hard training and injuries are a way of life. Throughout my entire professional snowboarding career, Washington Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation was an integral part of my training and injury rehabilitation. Without their wisdom, guidance, encouragement, and support I would not have been able to compete at such a high level after my numerous injuries.

    I am fortunate now that I am a mom of three kids and tennis coach, I can still move easily, coach, teach, and enjoy activities. This is only possible because the staff at WAPT guided me through the rehab process and encouraged me to achieve my goals.

    From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, the upbeat, kind, encouraging, and enthusiastic staff always makes me smile and excited to do the tough work. Not to mention maintain the patience that is needed to help you recovery and be the best you can be. I have so much gratitude for the staff of WAPT because I still have the ability to move and enjoy and active and full life.

    Janet M.

  • My son was in his second year at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis when he suffered a major shoulder injury while representing Navy in a downhill ski race. His shoulder was dislocated, several muscles torn, multiple labral tears, and he had axillary nerve damage. The injury required a very complicated surgery. He is also a competitive swimmer, so his doctor took us aside and told us he did not think our son would be able to swim again and would likely miss the next competition ski season. Our son was also at risk of not being physically fit to be commissioned as a naval officer. He started PT at the Naval Academy then came home for leave. This is where the excellent team at Washington Physical Therapy stepped in. They took the time to thoroughly evaluate our son’s injury, review the care plan he had been given, and progress that plan as well as adding in additional therapies that proved to be very beneficial. The WAPT team are experts in treatment and, just as importantly, make each patient feel like they are the most important person under their care. The end result is that our son had a complete recovery, is back swimming, back to competitive skiing, and is currently trying out to be a Navy SEAL. Our family owes the WAPT team a huge thank you. Thank you!


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