DXA Body Composition Testing Kirkland, WA

DXA Body Composition Testing

DXA, sometimes referred to as a DEXA Scan, is the newest and most accurate test for determining an individual’s body composition, body fat, lean muscle and even bone mineral content and density.

The DXA (DEXA) whole body composition scan test is now available to the public in the Seattle area and the Eastside. If you live in the Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, and Bothell area you can visit Washington Physical Therapy and the Washington Institute of Sports Medicine, located in Kirkland Washington. No physician referral is needed.

The DXA Scan is the clinical gold standard for determining accurate body composition results. Its clinical accuracy is superior to all other methods, including Body Pod, Hydrostatic Weighing, BioElectrical Impedance and Skin Calipers. DXA is able to see into the body, picturing all bodily fat accurately, including visceral fat around and inside organ tissue.

Historically, the DXA scan has been used to clinically assess bone density in individuals who are at risk for or have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis. This same technology has now been perfected for body composition analysis and the clinical assessment of bone, muscle and body fat.


DXA Scan


The DXA whole body composition scan test takes just six minutes and will provide a picture map of the body outlining skeletal bone mass, lean muscle mass, and body fat. The report not only gives you a picture map of your body composition, but it also provides you with body region specific values for bone mass, lean muscle, fat, total weight, and body fat percentage. No other body fat measurement or body composition method is able to give detailed fat, muscle and bone mapping information for specific areas of the body.

The DXA give you specific information in each of the following areas:

  1. Left Arm
  2. Right Arm
  3. Left Leg
  4. Right Leg
  5. Trunk – shows where you store extra fat (waist vs hips)

In addition to body composition data, the DXA also determines (with your exercise or diet program) where on the body you are losing or gaining weight, and whether it is fat or muscle. Using the clinical accuracy of this test we can determine the following:

  • Your ideal weight
  • Fat loss goals
  • Basal, resting, and active metabolic rates for calorie expenditure

We are the only sports medicine clinic that holds the HOLOGIC Body Composition Center of Excellence Designation that specializes in offering the clinically accurate and detailed gold standard HOLOGIC DXA (DEXA) body composition scan test to the public in the Northwest Region of the United States.

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