DXA Equipment Kirkland, WA


We utilize The Hologic State-Of-The-Art Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry Scanner.

X-Ray facility and equipment hold a Densitometer X-Ray License with Washington State Department of Health.

  •  HOLOGIC QDR Series DISCOVERY-W System with Advanced Body Composition Assessment Module & Sub Region Analysis serial# 85565
  •  APEX software operating system
  •  NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) reference data set
  •  128 digital DXA detectors (the same imaging technology and geometry as State-Of-The-Art Computed Tomography (CT) Systems) yielding superior imaging quality
  •  The Discovery-W System performs continuous automatic calibration, ensuring precise repeatable measurement exam to exam results
  •  HOLOGIC states that the effective radiation dose on the HOLOGIC DISCOVERY A whole body scan to patient is (1 mRem = approximately 1 day of natural background radiation exposure).   This extremely low dose radiation exposure is also equivalent to background radiation exposure related to that of a long airplane flight.


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