Background & History Kirkland, WA

Background and History

Optimal Efficiency – Extreme Durability – Superior Stability

Did you know that we’re the only mammals who are permanently upright? This means that we need to be quick on our feet to perform all this walking and running around.

80% of people will have foot related problems during their lifetime. Foot related problems can lead to pain and injury in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and spine. Custom 3D printed orthotics can help to alleviate stress on soft tissue and joints to promote better alignment and mechanics thus decreasing pain and decreasing the risk of injury.

RS Print™, the joint venture of RS scan and Materialise was founded in 2014, as the result of the quest for the perfect custom orthotics using dynamic gait analysis and state of the art 3D printing technology.

RS Print™ is being regarded as one of the game changers in contemporary orthotics and footwear industry. Ready to set a new standard in patient care, expert empowerment, and technological development. Manufacturing your orthotics with Phits™ guarantees the orthotics will be built with the most advanced 3D printing technology to deliver the most accurate and durable 3D printed orthotic on the market.

Based on a scientifically proven footscan® gait analysis, the practitioner is able to design a custom orthotic and to define its functionalities and regain full control over the design of the solution.

The footscan® software offers very strong visualization of both analysis and design. This helps practitioners to guide their patients through the complete process. Patients will understand the diagnosis better and know more about how they will benefit from the proposed solution.

Phits custom 3D printed orthotics are now available for the first time in the US.

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Phits is the only FDA approved dynamic gait analysis and 3D printing solution available in the US.

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